An Essential Selection Reference Regarding Pre-Fabricated, Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Some business owners consider renting office space in preference to purchasing a simple all-steel structure. But a valid question to ask is, why rent or lease when you can own? Normally, the long term rental or lease of an all-steel structure can cost more than ownership. The decision buy or rent your own home is a good analogy. A pre-fabricated all-steel building normally can be bought and assembled at a cost of one third to one half less than a comparable conventionally constructed building.

Consumers may be familiar with the basic quality and sturdiness of premium quality steel, but they may have no idea how to select a qualified building manufacturer. And especially for fledgling shoppers, selecting the appropriate pre-engineered steel structure design can be an arduous and perplexing step.

The prospective building shopper faces many choices of fabricators as well as contract manufacturers. Be sure to validate the experience level and the customer service offerings before selecting a company. Contact your local Metal Building Manufacturers’ Association (MBMA) to find qualified manufacturers by looking in your local yellow pages or visit The steel building company you select should utilize modern hi-tech methods, as well as include at no additional fee a premium service plan in the total building cost.

There are hundreds of styles of pre-engineered steel structures offered on the market, including bargain-basement metal structures. Advertised by brokers as “economy” structures, they are offered in a light 29 gauge metal. Don’t fall for the temptation to save a few bucks ““ you’ll get the best results by choosing a building system that uses heavier gauged 26 gauge commercial quality I-Beam steel construction. This ensures a wide assortment of dimension offerings and durability.

Pole barns and Quonset huts are a couple of conventional styles used for ranch and farm buildings. Both of these have drawbacks. Quonset steel structures are unsightly and can be expensive to insulate. The inner arches of a Quonset hut reduce useable area near the sidewalls and they are usually unpainted structures. Commonly, purchasing a basic pole barn often means the owner must purchase the lumber somewhere else. Pole barns have limited width options and can be costly to erect.

Consider only steel building companies that offer I-Beam construction. The technology is familiar to most contractors and builders. Steel I-Beam plans normally enable fast assembly, are available in a wide variety of paint colors, meet most local building codes and are offered with free-span width options that require no interior columns.

Beware of the firm that demands that you “get the ball rolling” with a building deposit before you know the total estimated costs for the pre-engineered steel building. The manufacturer you choose should provide a total cost estimate, but may ask that you guarantee the sale price for a small deposit in order to begin engineering the design. The cost of the building should include the services of a project manager to guide the entire process. A thorough knowledge of pre-fabricated and pre-engineered steel buildings is vital if you choose to buy, but the decision to purchase rather than lease can be well worth the investment in the long run.

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