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A Tree Stump Removal Nottingham Homeowners Guide

Tree stump removal Nottingham properties consider in order to help preserve the beauty of their gardens. If you have cut down some trees in your garden recently, there are chances you might be considering removing the unsightly tree stumps. But as much as you have several options when it comes to removing tree stumps, removing a tree stump can however turn out to be a challenging task especially if you haven’t removed one before. Often this difficult task is best left to professionals who are experts in dealing with this particular job.tree-stump-removal-Nottingham

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Below is a brief guide to what you should expect a professional tree surgeon to do when removing your tree stump.
Dig out the tree stump
They start with digging around the roots using a shovel so as to expose the roots that are underneath the surrounding soil. They will dig around the stump till all the roots are exposed. Again they will continue to dig deep on all sides of the stump, until they have exposed all the roots.
Cut up the roots
They tend to do this using either a root saw or loppers. They cut the roots into manageable pieces before pulling them out of the ground. Thereafter, they can toss the roots into a pile as they continue cutting them up. They should clear away as many roots as they can.
Pull out the roots
They can achieve this by using a grub hoe for purposes of wrenching the remaining roots. They will make more cuts if needed, so that they can have an easier time pulling the roots out of the ground. They will continue pulling out the roots until they have completely removed them all.
Remove the tree stump
Once they have pulled out all the roots from the ground, they will definitely find it easier to dislodge the tree stump. They will generally use a shovel for purposes of digging underneath the tree stump. Then they will also cut any roots under the stump prior to removing it. After removing the stump, they can then chop it up prior to disposing of it.
Grind the tree stump
Another step they will take is to use a stump grinder to grind up the stump and its root system. They will shovel out the grindings and then dispose of them for you.
Fill in the hole
The last step of removing a tree stump is filling in the hole with sawdust or loam. Failing to fill in the hole will make the ground surrounding likely to collapse, consequently leaving a dent in your garden. With time, the sawdust or loam that is used to fill in the hole will settle and the ground around the hole will definitely sink in a bit. Therefore, you may wish to keep adding sawdust or loam to the hole after every few months so that the ground can remain flat.tree-stump-removal-Nottingham
With this guide you can see what to expect from a tree surgeon when he takes on the service of removing your tree stump for you. Tree stump removal Nottingham homeowners are having because Summer is approaching and it the best time of year to get your garden in order. Much of the information sourced for our blog post came from a professional tree surgeon who specialise in tree stump removal. Want to get in touch with them? You can find them at Canopy Tree Services Nottingham 14 Silbury Close, Clifton, Nottingham, NG11 9GE‎. Or by phone on 0115 832 0247.

Tree Stump Removal Techniques

Even though cutting down trees seems a major project when compared to tree stump removal it’s not as complex. There is a lot more required when removing tree stumps and this is why it is never included in tree removal costs. This is the reason why you always find tree stumps in people’s backyards. Removing tree stumps is never that easy, but it’s doable nevertheless.tree-stump-removal

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You can get this job perfectly done by using the right methods and techniques.

Reasons for removing stumps

1. They consume a huge valuable space- a wide majority of people would want to have a garden that is as clear as possible. Stumps will occupy a huge chunk of land denying you the much needed space that you desire
2. They are hazardous- some stumps get camouflaged with grass as well as weeds and become tripping hazards. There is nothing worse than stepping or falling over old tree stumps.

Here are two methods on how to remove tree stumps:

1st method- Removing tree stumps by using stumps
People often go about removing tree stumps the wrong way. If you want to remove tree stumps successfully by hand, you must have the right tools. You need to have a chainsaw, a large vehicle, an axe, a digging bar, a shovel, a mattock and a limbing saw/chainsaw.
You must follow the following steps when manually removing tree stumps
– Use a limbing saw/chainsaw when removing the lower branches that are at the trunk
– Remove top portions of the trunk but ensure that you have left enough space that you will use as leverage
– Use a power or hose washer when rinsing dirt way so that you can reveal more roots
– Do away with the major roots using an axe
– Make an attempt to push the trunk. If more roots expose themselves, cut them using an axe. Do not stop pulling and pushing the trunk until the tree trunk is uprooted
– If the trunk doesn’t budge, wrap a chain around it and the connect it to a four wheel drive pickup
– Alternate slowly between reversing and pulling forward the trunk until it’s entirely uprooted
2nd method- Using chemical stump remover and tree stump killertree-stump-removal
If you do not prefer manual labour when removing tree stumps, you can always try the chemical route. Here you will need kerosene/fuel, an axe, potassium nitrate, a chainsaw and a drill.
– You can cut off much of the stump using a chainsaw
– Drill a one-inch hole at the perimeter of the stump. Move inwards by three to four inches then drill some holes. The holes should be ideally eight to twelve inches in comparison to how big the trump is
– Drill more holes on the sides so that they can meet the other holes thus creating 45 degree angles
– Pour a consumable amount of potassium nitrate into the holes
– Fill the holes using water
– Wait for 4 to 6 weeks when the stump will get spongy
– Break up the spongy trump using an axe
– You can then saturate the stump using kerosene or fuel oil so that the stump can stay for another week or so (this is optional)
– Ignite the stump then let it burn until it’s gone completely (this is also optional)

Here Is Some Different And Amazing Home Improvement Advice

Home improvement is an inevitable event for any homeowner. Over time, components of homes break or wear down and need repair, resulting in the need for home improvement. Home improvement also results from the need to make additions to a house, such as adding a new wing or installing flooring. The tips in this article may help you with any home improvement you must do.electrical testing

Every piece of real estate is subject to building codes; the savvy land buyer will research these codes well in advance of making a purchase. Without proper research, the requirements imposed by local codes and zoning regulations can present a nasty surprise to land holders who intend to build a new home or improve an existing one.

One of the quickest, easiest and cheapest ways to improve your home is paint. Whether it is the outside or the inside, both areas will look new and transformed. Pick neutral shades and brighter trim colors. Plain white walls tend to make your home look like a rental and not owner occupied.

Use these two steps to make your ceiling look higher. Your walls could be painted with stripes, or maybe you can add a tall lamp. This can be a good way to enhance the look of your room. Your eyes are going to focus on the lines, and your ceilings will seem higher than they are.

Electrical Testing

Make sure to have your home inspected before starting any major renovations. Checking for roofing issues, termites, electrical issues and plumbing beforehand can save you a lot of trouble down the road. Finding issues like these when you are halfway through a renovation process can be a nightmare on your budget.

Put electrical wire connectors on your tubes of caulking! Those little plastic covers that come with the tubes always go missing! A readily had replacement that works as good or better than the original cap is an electrical wire connector. You can even use special colors for special types of tubes.

Always use a qualified and professional electrician for all your electrical testing needs. This isn’t a job for an amateur.


Make sure to have a contractor or electrician install a power outlet in the cabinet above where the microwave will go. If you don’t do this, you will be struggling to find a place to plug it in during or after the installation of the microwave and hood vent.

Consider hiring a professional to do the electrical work for your home improvement project. It may seem easy to change out an outlet from two prongs to three, but if you are unfamiliar with electrical work, the safest thing to do is to have an electrician take care of the rewiring for you.


A great home improvement tip is to invest in motion detectors for your outdoor lighting. Motion detectors will turn lights on only when movement is detected, and will swiftly shut off when there is none. Having motion detectors on your outdoor lights will save you a lot of energy and money.


Put a ring on your power tool plugs! To keep small children from plugging these potentially dangerous tools into a power outlet, just slip a key ring through the holes on the tips of the plug prongs. For bigger plugs you can even use s small padlock to safeguard the tools against potentially hazardous use.

Store your glue bottles upside down! Ever get annoyed when the tips of your glue bottled inevitably dry up between uses? Removing those plugs of glue is no fun. To prevent this just turn your tightly capped glue bottle upside down and sit it down inside another container to keep it propped up.


Whenever you are doing an electrical home improvement job, overestimate the number of sockets each room needs. No matter how generous your plans are, an extra duplex outlet in most rooms will prove itself a wise investment over and over. When it comes to your home’s resale value, “there are too many plugs in here” is a phrase home buyers never say.


Consider the reasons why it may be beneficial to set an alarm system on before home showings. Of course, it may be necessary if the home is in a bad neighborhood and no one is living there consistently to watch over it.

When moving into a home you should get an alarm system installed. There are people who may have been in your home when it belonged to the previous owner and who know how to easily get in and out of your home. An alarm system will protect your home from intruders.

In conclusion, home improvement is inevitable for homeowners. Parts of a home may break down and need repair or new additions to a house must be made. Using the tips that were provided in this article, you can tackle your own home improvement needs with ease and keep your home in top shape.

Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your New Roof

In order to make the right choices regarding putting a roof on your home, you want to know the knowledge pertaining to the process. Keep reading so that you can learn necessary information pertaining to getting what you need out of a new roof. You don’t want to wind up feeling empty-handed.roofing

When installing a new boot on any pipes which leave your roof, make sure they fit as snug as a bug in a rug. If they’re even slightly loose, water can seep inside of them, causing you a headache you don’t need. Choose the right size to spare yourself from problems down the road.

If someone comes to your door and offers you a free roof, question their motives. Don’t let them up onto your roof – instead, call your insurance agency and ask them to inspect the roof. Until the insurer says you need, and will be covered for, a new roof, don’t sign anything.

If you are getting bids from a few different roofers, have each of them give you a list of how much the materials are and what the cost of labor is. You want to know exactly what everything is costing you, as it will allow you to compare different people more effectively.

Make note of your initial impression of any companies you contact and receive quotes from. How was the customer service? Did you have to wait long to speak to someone? Did they answer all of your questions thoroughly? This can tell you a lot about how your overall experience will be from start to finish if you decide to choose them.

You may want to use architectural shingles if you are going to replace your roof. They are very attractive and last a long time. They’re also valuable when you sell your house.

If you have paid to have new shingles installed on your roof, make sure that you get what you have contracted for. There are many unscrupulous roofers that will try to place older materials on your roof in order to have a bit of extra money in their pockets in the end.

Do not try to tackle a problem with your roof that is too big for you to handle. While it is great to save money doing it yourself, sometimes the problem is bigger than any one person can handle. Consider the level of experience needed before you begin to ensure that you do not cause more harm than good.

If you want a unique looking roof, make sure to ask your potential roofer how experienced they are in this particular area. If they tell you they have little or no experience, hire someone else. You do not want to take any chances when it comes to your roof.

Try choosing a roofing company that will look at your house first. Any good roofing company should be more than happy to set up an initial meeting with you at a time that works for you to look at your current roofing situation. Then, you can get a no-obligation quote for their services. You should avoid companies that try to make you commit their work.

When inspecting your roof for leaks, do not neglect to check the valleys. A roof’s valley is an area where two roofs intersect together. Due to gravity, water naturally settles onto these places, causing the water to slosh back and forth. This results in added pressure onto the valley, resulting in leaks.

The contractor that you hire to do your job should be local and reputable. Many people hire people from out of town because they are a bit cheaper, but that poses a problem if you have any issues. The contractor may not be able to come out and fix your problems right away since you are so far.

When choosing a roofing contractor, find one that offers a warranty for their work. If you are getting your entire roof replaced, a warranty is commonplace. If you are just getting the roof repaired, however, many contractors will not offer a guarantee. Insist on one. Get a copy of the warranty for your records.

When you are paying a contractor for a high cost roofing job, you should look for the best deal possible. Get at least three bids from local companies for your roofing repairs. Do not always go for the cheapest bid. Research the companies’ history to find the best deal when you compare cost to quality.

Now that you’ve considered everything in this article, you can take with you the information necessary to make the right decisions. The roof you put on your home needs to be the best in order to provide for your family. It’s not something in which you want to cut corners or make choices without the right information.

Read This Article To Handle Plumbing Issues

How much do you really know about your home’s plumbing? Do you need to improve it in any way? Are you skilled or a beginner? If you need to learn more about plumbing, check out the tips in the article below.emergency plumber Derby

Do not fall for the idea that liquid grease can be easily washed down the drain with hot water. While the grease may flow past the initial drain with the water, it does not take much of a temperature change as it moves through your pipes to alter from liquid to solid. The repeat habit of dumping grease in the sink is a sure-fire way to ensure a hard-to-reach clog forming in the future.

You can check your toilet for leaks by adding a few drops of food coloring, Kool Aid or some coffee grounds to the water in the toilet’s tank (not the water in the bowl). Check the water in the bowl after a half hour or so. If any of the coloring agent is visible in the water in the bowl, the tank is leaking, and you will have to have it repaired.

If your water is coming out black, then most likely you have an iron and magnesium issue to your water. You need to contact a water softener company, and get them to come out and assess your water. They will be able to fix the problem by adding a water softener.

Have you tried patching your pipe with the store-bought patching kits only to have that section of your plumbing continue leaking? Replacing the damaged pipe is a more permanent solution than patching. First, you must shut off the main water valve, and drain the water from the damaged section. Cut out the damaged section of the copper pipe, leaving about an inch of extra pipe on both sides of the damaged area. Remove corrosion from inside the pipes with a wire brush. Apply flux to the replacement pipe and the remaining pipe. Slide the piece of replacement pipe into place with couplings. Apply solder all around the joint, and use a propane torch to solder the replacement section into place.

One way to prevent pipes from freezing during the winter is to keep cabinet doors in your house that contain the pipes open. This can insure that they get adequate heat to keep warm. Make sure also, to unhook and kind of hose outside and run a little water to clear the pipes of any remaining water going outside.

There are simple ways to check your toilet for leaks that can ultimately lead to great cost savings in the long run. The easiest way to do this is to pour a small amount of food dye into the holding tank of your toilet overnight. In the morning, if you have any color in the basin then you know you have a leak that needs some attention.

Do not be surprised if a plumber charges you more than you expected. Many customers think that fixing a toilet or other drainage problem should be easy, therefore the price should be low. You must remember that not only does a plumber have to charge for labor, but they have to charge for parts that you need.

If grout is stuck in your plumbing, getting rid of it is likely not going to be a do it yourself project. You can try breaking it up to have it fall further which will help the flow get better. This works best if your pipes are plastic instead of metal. However, ultimately it usually requires a professional to rid you of this problem.

Before embarking on a plumbing project, make sure that you’re aware of where the shutoff valve for water in your home is, as well as the valves for shutting off individual structures like sinks, toilets, etc. This way, if something goes wrong, you’ll be able to stop the water flow.

Try to limit the amount of hair that goes down your drains. Hair can become tangled up in the pipe and end up blocking up the them, preventing water from flowing smoothly. Buy a cheap screened drain cover to put over your drain to stop any hair from going down and clean it off regularly.

Ask before the plumber comes out if they charge for the consultation. In order to quote a project, the plumber has to come out to inspect your particular issue. It is standard to charge for the consultation appointment but the prices can vary wildly. Ask upfront so that you aren’t surprised by the total.

What is your knowledge level about plumbing? Are you able to better conceptualize the plumbing systems installed in your home? Is it a little bit less daunting for you to consider taking on plumbing tasks? Can you now use things that work with your system? Are you aware of exactly how to correctly operate the equipment? Hopefully, the hints and tips that you were given have enabled you to respond more positively to most or all of these questions.